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Counselling can be defined as the provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems. Counselling frees a person from obstacles to personal growth.

At Incontact, our experienced counsellors offer confidential counselling services for individuals and corporate communities in Singapore. We provide thoughtful guidance that promotes well-being and development, improved functioning, and strengthened methods for coping with life.

Incontact specializes in professional counselling and psychotherapy. We work in complete confidentiality with individuals, children, teenagers, couples, parents, families and groups undergoing transitions at different points in their lives through a client centered approach, and by customizing interventions.

We adopt an integrative and holistic approach incorporating Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Transactional Analysis techniques, and a variety of other effective and professional techniques. In all that we do, we aim to ensure that our clients will emerge as better people to better lives.


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Couple Counselling/ Marital therapy assists you in reflecting on your relationship together, creating new patters of communication, fostering intimacy and removing blocks that are contributing to issues in the relationship.


Couples relationship counseling can also help partners to understand more clearly things about their relationships to avoid uncertainty or ambivalence. The right advice can also heal wounds so that the couple can function better together.

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Family therapy helps people in a family to help each other. It enables couples, children, family members and others who care about each other to express difficult thoughts and emotions in a safe environment, to value each other’s views and experiences


In counselling families, it is to help to solve problems and conflicts through better communication, and awareness of past issues and special family situations.

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  • Testimonials

    • The discordant chords of communication were restrung back with time. It made me realise that as parents we are not experts and cannot control my child thinking him to be my property.

    • Thank you for believing in my son. You were the anchor who made it happen. At a time when nothing worked, you came up to show the way. Through your counselling skills, he became insightful and saw self worth. He was able to identify his strength, utilise his potential, nurture his skills.. Thus growth came by naturally...making him a confident and responsible youth who dares to dream now... Words are not enough to express my gratitude... Touch more people...change more lives...

    • “I have always believed that self-development starts with self-awareness and introspection. Counsellor aided me in my journey to discover more about myself and helped uncover some beliefs that are detrimental to my development”.

    • “Just want to thank you for the change that has happened in my marriage life after coming to you for counselling last year”.

    • “What is important is that she makes me feel like a human being. I always keep looking forward to the next session with her, as I find the therapies very encouraging”.

    • “Counsellor is approachable as she provides practical tools and solutions. While uncovering and discovering myself, she puts me at ease as I recognize my strengths in achieving greater heights in my life, and being comfortable with my weaknesses”.

    • “When my son joined Nursery, he had many adjustment issues. Counsellor charted his progress and had play therapy sessions with him to prepare him to integrate in the school environment. She helped to liaise with the Principal and teachers and made sure that our son was coping well in school. We would like to thank Counsellor for helping us with our son during his difficult times”.

    • “Through this workshop I learnt about self-awareness, practice and understanding yourself, what are your fears and what is topping you”.

    • “All my negative thinking has disappeared and I have started preparing for my higher studies and I feel more positive towards life”.

    • “The workshop continuously reminded me to be more self-aware”

    • “My attention-seeking habit is completely gone and now I behave as a matured adult after doing the inner child treatment which you had suggested to me. We both are very happy now as there is total freedom and space for both of us in our relationship”.

    • “Counsellor has proved to be insightful and very objective in her assessment of our marriage. She has coaxed us, laughed with us and also been firm with us where necessary, always with the end goal of making my wife and me happier and fulfilled in our marriage”

    • “My wife and I approached our counsellor in late 2015 to help us improve communication and understanding in our 10 year marriage. She was with us from our first session and we both are very happy that after 7 months of therapy, my wife and I are happier and at peace with ourselves.”

    • Just want to thank you for the change that has happened in my marriage life after coming to you for counselling last year. My attention-seeking habit is completely gone and now i behave as a matured adult after doing the inner child treatment which you had suggested me.


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