Family Counselling

Family Therapy and Family Counselling seeks to improve the interactions among members of a family or similar close relationship in order to improve their functioning both as a unit and as individuals.

The goal of family therapy and family counselling is to help family members solve family problems and conflicts through improved communication, greater awareness of childhood and adolescence issues, and better understanding of special family situations.  Examples of special family situations are separation, divorce, remarriage, serious illness or death in the family as well as mixed marriages in terms of culture, race, or religion, conflicts or arguments that never get resolved, difficulty engaging teens in family life, co-parenting after divorce or separation, same sex parenting or parenting for difficult children or teens.

Family counselling is for any family who wants to strengthen their connections to one another, improve communication and relationship skills, heal from conflict, stress or trauma, find new ways of dealing with old problems and create greater harmony within the family.

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