Bullying Workshop

understanding bullyingBullying Workshop

Bullying workshop highlights children/ teens dysfunctional thinking that can fuel bullying and the bully.

Why is my child being victimized at this school? asks an irate parent, as she thumps the desk in the Principal’s office. As parents, we are incensed that our daughters and sons might be maltreated by the very peers that have known and grown up with. How does one explain this new phenomenon that has befallen you? Or perhaps Bullying has begun on the first day of his new school! How do we explain this?

Bullying is happening today, in ways common to bygone years, and in ways that are more subtle, no thanks to the influence of mobile phones, chat rooms, emails, and the growing number of social sites on the Worldwide Web.

Through this workshop we will expose you to your child’s world. You want to know “Why do children bully one another?.And “What can I do about it?”

A New Zealand report on Bullying which appeared in an Auckland newspaper, provided the following statistic. When children/teens were asked what they thought the reasons for bullying are, the reasons they gave were:

  • Ethnicity – 24%
  • Small size – 13%
  • Religion – 12%
  • Sexual orientation – 7.5 %
  • Unknown – 57 %

The last statistic is what this workshop will reveal. When a real life situation is used by a trainer to facilitate a lesson with students, and these students are asked the question “why is this individual being bullied?” these unknown reasons flow.

The purpose is to assist you to understand “Why Children Bully”, what drives them to engage in behaviours that they already know are outlawed in every school and by every adult.

Through this workshop conducted by the Incontact team, Parents/Teachers would be amazed, bewildered, amused, surprised, shocked and even horrified.

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