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How do you find the balance to connect with your children?

No journey is ever perfect

At different junctures, we need healing & support.


How to keep up with the stress and pressures of everyday expectations ?


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Relationship Counselling

How do you reclaim the intimacy and deepen your relationship?

PARENTING COUNSELING How do you find the balance to connect with your children? Book Now Whatsapp No Journey Is Ever Perfect At different junctures, we need healing & support. Book Now Whatsapp Workplace Wellness EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM
How to keep up with the stress and pressures of everyday expectations ? Book Now Whatsapp
Online therapy anywhere anytime Book Now Whatsapp
Relationship Counseling
How do you reclaim the intimacy and deepen your relationship? Book Now Whatsapp


Incontact was formed by three psychotherapists and their passion to create a space for a practice, where they can build deep therapeutic relationships that empower clients towards change.
We are bound by root level experience of working within the community and then enlarging our skills to work with both the expat and local community.

Our therapists have experience of working with diverse nationalities and multinational organizations.

We believe in individualized interventions, adopting an integrative and holistic approach incorporating Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, EMDR, Gottman Couples Therapy, Transactional Analysis Techniques and a variety of other evidence based professional techniques. 

In all that we do, our core is to establish an alliance with the client, that is safe, productive and attuned.

InContact Counselling

Incontact Counselling and Training Services in Singapore

Are you feeling sad? Angry? Frustrated? You’re not alone.

As per the statistics, 1 in every 7 people in Singapore are affected by mood, anxiety, or alcohol-abuse disorders in their lifetime. 

The study also found that in Singapore, many of those struggling didn’t seek professional help. Past research suggests it could be due to the stigma of mental illness and the inability to recognise the symptoms.

So, just that you’re here, reading this – it shows that you are taking steps to reach out. And we’re proud. And we’re here to help!

At Incontact Counselling & Training (Singapore), we value our clients’ individuality and adapt to the needs of each and every client through the counselling or therapeutic relationship. We maintain a healing contact with our clients and focus on creating a safe space – both physical and psychological – wherein the clients can feel safe and secure to let go of any negative emotions and past experiences that may bother them today, understand and accept themselves fully and expand their self awareness. We incorporate Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, EMDR, Gottman Couples Therapy, Transactional Analysis Techniques and a variety of other empirically based intervention techniques.

We work on helping clients address their problems and move forward in all areas of their life by helping them clarify their issues, explore possible solutions, and equip them with tools to face their problems in life head-on.

Some of The Singapore-Based Therapy and Counselling Services That We Provide:

Depression Counselling Service In Singapore:
According to the Singapore Mental Health Study conducted in 2010, 5.8% of the adult population in Singapore suffered from Major Depressive Disorder at some point in their lifetime. 

Depression is a crippling mental illness and should be treated like one. If you feel you are experiencing any of its symptoms, contact our mental health professionals immediately.

At Incontact, we have dealt with a wide range of issues that people face in depression and use different approaches to handling the disorder well suited to your specific needs. Everyone is unique, and thus the counselling plans that we provide are unique to cater to your distinctive needs as well.

We have a vast experience and training in helping people overcome their emotional, behavioural and cognitive challenges and each time the outcome is that of a more holistically developed, matured, happier individual with skills that change each aspect of their lives.

Anxiety Counselling and Therapy In Singapore:
Dealing with anxiety in our day to day lives can significantly help to stabilize mental health and prevent emotional and psychological issues. However, if you’re having severe anxiety problems and are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you must seek counselling or therapy respectively. 

About 10 percent of the population in Singapore suffer from anxiety and depressive disorders. Out of this, 6 per cent have depression, 0.9 per cent have GAD, and three per cent have OCD. And these numbers are assumed to be rising in the times of post-Covid world. 

At Incontact, we provide counselling and therapy services in Singapore that help effectively tackle and manage your anxiety by designing your intervention programme perfectly bested suited to your needs. Using a heterogenous approach, we involve several kinds of concepts and theories to help you achieve your mental health goals and make each session count. We attune to your specific needs and learning styles and help bring in permanent, long-term results that make an ever-changing impact on your life.

Family Counselling In Singapore:
Family‌ ‌psychotherapists‌ ‌at‌ ‌Incontact‌ in Singapore work with your family and help you break your communication barriers that are the root cause of conflicts and proactively put in efforts to nurture and heal your relationships with all the members. 

Positive alternatives, as a result, tend to replace the dysfunctional behaviours as we constantly evaluate your progress. The aim is to bring the family members together and increase the level of empathy and understanding.

Children (Kids) Counselling In Singapore:
Childhood is a time that is of critical importance in terms of any person’s long term mental health. Childhood problems must be dealt with a crucial amount of urgency and sensitivity. It is important for any counsellor to be proficient in establishing a relationship with the child that is healing and therapeutic in nature.

Thus, we identify your child’s matters of concern and stress, and truly listen to them as they speak in order to build a meaningful relationship. 

We work with their strengths and weaknesses and equip them with skills so that they can deal with their problems as any child with an enhanced emotional quotient would do.

Marriage Counselling In Singapore:
It is common for both married and unmarried couples to encounter numerous issues in relationships. In fact, the number of marriages in Singapore that ended in a divorce or annulment went up by 3.8 per cent in the year 2019. While such couples are unable to resolve such issues themselves, others tend to work on their relationships on their own or seek help. 

Extensively trained in the Gottman method, which is a proven and tested set of couples counselling techniques, we’ll help you work out any resentments and manage the conflicts, and eventually bring back the initial respect and admiration that the two of you had for each other. We have specialized training and years of experience in handling all sorts of issues that couples face. At Incontact Counselling and Therapy Services Singapore, we have walked many couples through this journey and the outcome they receive is that of a happy relationship where there is a strong sense of commitment, increasing appreciation, affection and love for their partner. 

PTSD Counselling In Singapore:
PTSD counselling can involve various types of interventions. These interventions can be used in a combination or singly, which will depend on factors like the severity of your symptoms, the intensity of the traumatic event, etc. PTSD counselling and therapy in Singapore is typically done utilizing the exposure therapy method, CBT, EMDR therapy, narrative exposure therapy, Brainspotting etc.

Our therapists and counsellors help you process your thoughts and feelings with regards to the traumatic event and help reduce the symptoms much effectively. 

E-Counselling or Online Counselling In Singapore:

In the “new normal” of the COVID 19 inflicted Singapore, counselling services are increasingly being provided over online mediums. Such counselling can be video-call, voice-call or text-based as per your needs. A much safer option, e-counselling is also accessible and convenient if the stigma of mental health and counselling services being a “taboo” troubles you. 

In-person counselling is generally more effective and is a better experience, but online counselling can be a good substitute and at times just as effective as the normal form of counselling. Combinations of E-counselling and in-person counselling are also becoming increasingly popular. At Incontact, we give our level best to create your online counselling experience as helpful and productive as possible. 

Employee Assistance Program In Singapore:
At Incontact, we offer a vast array of powerful mental wellness services including individual counselling, crisis counselling for any possible traumatic contingencies, wellness seminars, and education through lunch talks. Our team of extensively trained professionals have a lot of experience in dealing with many mental health issues and have enhanced the growth of many organizations and individuals alike in Singapore. 

We currently provide retrenchment counselling for employees, give counselling services for emotional and mental wellbeing, and offsite services as well through a code and an online platform called Plato. All of this helps you boost your employees’ productivity, reduce absenteeism, attract and retain talented employees, and create a positive work environment. 

Our Team of Experts

Incontact had been established by three psychotherapists, driven to positively impact and empower persons in need towards the direction of growth, development, and change. We’ve had experience with working with diverse nationalities, multicultural backgrounds, multinational companies and at the same time we’ve done our work at the grassroots level as well. 

Our team of professionals are trained in a vast array of skills (as well as multiple languages), and have helped people with various conditions, social issues, workplace problems, children with neurodevelopmental and behavioural disorders, LGBTQIAP+ struggles, trauma, sexual assault, etc. We believe in providing our clients with an eclectic approach so as to help them deal with their problems in a way that best works for them.









Ana M. Jeremiah

Ana M. Jeremiah

Clifton T

Clifton T


“My wife and I approached our counsellor in late 2015 to help us improve communication and understanding in our 10 year marriage. She was with us from our first session and we both are very happy that after 7 months of therapy, my wife and I are happier and at peace with ourselves.”

“The discordant chords of communication were restrung back with time. It made me realise that as parents we are not experts and cannot control my child thinking him to be my property.​”

I went to Incontact counseling cause of workplace stress. Each session I walked away more empowered having tackled my weaker spots and learning of tools within me I could use everyday to overcome challenges and stress triggers.

“Thank you for believing in my son. You were the anchor who made it happen. At a time when nothing worked, you came up to show the way. Through your counselling skills, he became insightful and saw self worth. He was able to identify his strength, utilise his potential, nurture his skills.. Thus growth came by naturally…making him a confident and responsible youth who dares to dream now… Words are not enough to express my gratitude… Touch more people…change more lives…”

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