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How do you find the balance to connect with your children?

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At different junctures, we need healing & support.


How to keep up with the stress and pressures of everyday expectations ?


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Relationship Counselling

How do you reclaim the intimacy and deepen your relationship?

PARENTING COUNSELING How do you find the balance to connect with your children? Book Now Whatsapp No Journey Is Ever Perfect At different junctures, we need healing & support. Book Now Whatsapp Workplace Wellness EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM
How to keep up with the stress and pressures of everyday expectations ? Book Now Whatsapp
Online therapy anywhere anytime Book Now Whatsapp
Relationship Counseling
How do you reclaim the intimacy and deepen your relationship? Book Now Whatsapp

Incontact Counselling & Training Services

Are you feeling sad? Angry? Frustrated? You’re not alone.

As per the statistics, 1 in every 7 people in Singapore are affected by mood, anxiety, or alcohol-abuse disorders in their lifetime. 

The study also found that in Singapore, many of those struggling didn’t seek professional help. Past research suggests it could be due to the stigma of mental illness and the inability to recognise the symptoms.

So, just that you’re here, reading this – it shows that you are taking steps to reach out. And we’re proud. And we’re here to help!

Are you feeling sad? Angry? Frustrated? You’re not alone.

Based on a study, 1 in every 7 people in Singapore has experienced a mood, anxiety, or alcohol-abuse disorder in their lifetime.

The study also found that in Singapore, many of those struggling do not seek professional help. This could be due to the social stigma circling around mental illnesses and the inability to recognise the symptoms.

So, just that you’re here, reading this shows that you are taking steps to reach out. We’re proud of you. And we’re here to help!

At Incontact Counselling & Training (Singapore), we value our clients’ individuality and we adapt to the needs of each and every one of our clients. We maintain a healing therapeutic relationship with our clients and focus on creating a safe space – both physically and psychologically – for our clients to feel safe and comfortable when expressing their thoughts, feelings and issues. Our experienced therapists at Incontact are trained to incorporate a variety of intervention tools and methods based on your specific needs and interests. We are deeply focused in developing an intimate relationship with our clients where you feel a sense of safety and attunement with your therapist.

Our main goal is to help clients overcome and heal from their problems by learning healthy ways to cope with life’s adversities. Our trusted therapists are here to walk you through your recovery process and give you that little push that we all need sometimes. Book an appointment with us for either an online or in-person counselling session today.

Some of The Singapore-Based Therapy and Counselling Services That We Provide:

Depression Counselling Service In Singapore:

Depression is a serious mental illness that affects the way we think, feel and deal with daily activities. If you feel you are experiencing any of its symptoms, contact our mental health professionals immediately.

At Incontact, we deal with a wide range of issues that people with depression face, and we use different approaches to tackle these issues based on our clients’ specific needs. Everyone is different, and we are here to provide unique counselling plans that best suit you. 

We have vast experience and training in helping people overcome their emotional, behavioural and cognitive challenges. Many of our clients walk out as more holistically developed, mature and happy individuals who are equipped with skills that are important for various aspects of their lives. 

Anxiety Counselling and Therapy In Singapore:

Feeling anxious occasionally is normal – it is how our brains respond to stress and alert us of any potential upcoming threats. Everyone feels anxious sometimes and we worry about many things in life. However, excessive anxiety that interferes with daily activities can be a sign of an anxiety disorder. If you are experiencing symptoms of an anxiety disorder, contact our mental health professionals who can help you manage your emotions. 

About 10% of the population in Singapore suffer from anxiety and depressive disorders in 2016. Out of this, 1.6% have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), and 3.6% have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

At Incontact, we provide counselling and therapy services that help effectively tackle and manage your anxiety by implementing intervention programmes that are specially designed for every client. We adopt several types of approaches that can help you achieve your mental health goals and make each session count. We attune to your specific needs and learning styles to bring in permanent, long-term results that can help improve your quality of life. 

Family Counselling In Singapore:

Family is a crucial source of support, security and guidance. Problems in the family can affect various aspects of all family members’ lives, and disrupt the family’s mental health and functioning. If your family is going through a rough time – whether it is from stress, grief or anger – and everything feels too overwhelming to handle, contact our family psychotherapists who can help you and your family.

At Incontact, our family psychotherapists work with families to help break communication barriers – the root cause of conflicts. We aim to proactively heal and strengthen the relationship between family members, improve communication and conflict management to create a better home environment for your family. By constantly evaluating your family’s progress, our family psychotherapists aim to replace dysfunctional behaviours of the family. 

Ultimately, the goal of family therapy at Incontact is to bring family members together and increase the levels of empathy and understanding within the family.

Children (Kids) Counselling In Singapore:

Childhood is a critical period of time and can come with seemingly endless hurdles. As parents, this may feel like an extremely heavy responsibility to carry, and we may not always have the best solutions for our children. Sometimes, we may even feel like seeking help is a sign of bad parenting. Let our psychotherapists at Incontact assure you that this is not the case, and help your child navigate through this delicate time. 

At Incontact, our counsellors and psychotherapists can help identify your child’s matters of concern and stress, and truly listen to them as they express their sources of worry and distress. By working on your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses, our psychotherapists aim to equip your child with the necessary skills that will allow them to cope with the challenges that they may face better.

Marriage Counselling In Singapore:

It is common for both married and unmarried couples to encounter numerous issues in relationships. In fact, the number of marriages in Singapore that ended in a divorce or annulment went up by 3.8 per cent in the year 2019. While such couples are unable to resolve such issues themselves, others tend to work on their relationships on their own or seek help. 

Extensively trained in the Gottman method, which is a proven and tested set of couples counselling techniques, we’ll help you work out any resentments and manage the conflicts, and eventually bring back the initial respect and admiration that the two of you had for each other. We have specialized training and years of experience in handling all sorts of issues that couples face. At Incontact Counselling and Therapy Services Singapore, we have walked many couples through this journey and the outcome they receive is that of a happy relationship where there is a strong sense of commitment, increasing appreciation, affection and love for their partner. 

PTSD Counselling In Singapore:

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that is developed after experiencing or witnessing a highly traumatic or terrifying event. It is normal for us to feel scared or disturbed during or after a traumatic event, and many of us are able to recover within a short period of time after the incident. However, people suffering from PTSD experience intense, disturbing thoughts and emotions about the incident that persist long after the incident has occured, even when they are not in danger. If you or someone you know is struggling to cope with PTSD, contact our mental health professionals who can help you manage your difficulties.

At Incontact, we adopt various different types of interventions for our clients who are suffering from PTSD. Everyone has their own definition and experiences of trauma, and we are here to listen to each of your unique stories and provide counselling plans that best suit you.

Our experienced therapists are well-trained in many therapeutic interventions for PTSD including CBT, EMDR therapy, exposure therapy and NET therapy – all of which has helped our clients cope with their trauma better. By teaching clients ways to process and manage disturbing thoughts or feelings more effectively, our therapists are here to support you through life’s adversities.

E-Counselling or Online Counselling In Singapore:

Counselling services in Singapore, just like the rest of the world, are increasingly shifting from face-to-face to online platforms, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak that struck everyone from across the globe. Online counselling may take several forms – through video calls, voice calls, or it can even take place through text.  

Initially, the effectiveness of online counselling used to be highly questioned by many researchers, therapists and clients. However, research has shown that e-counselling can bring just as many benefits and positive outcomes as in-person counselling. If anything, combining the two modes of counselling may even give the best counselling outcome for our clients.

Online counselling can be a much safer and more private option for those who want to seek help, but are being held back by stigma circling mental health and counselling services. E-counselling at Incontact can provide you with a comfortable and accessible space for you to talk about the problems you are facing – anytime and anywhere – without feeling like you are being judged.

Employee Assistance Program In Singapore:

At Incontact, we offer a vast array of powerful mental wellness services including individual counselling, crisis counselling for any possible traumatic contingencies, wellness seminars, and education through lunch talks. Our team of extensively trained professionals have a lot of experience in dealing with many mental health issues and have enhanced the growth of many organizations and individuals alike in Singapore. 

We currently provide retrenchment counselling for employees, give counselling services for emotional and mental wellbeing, and offsite services as well through a code and an online platform called Plato. All of this helps you boost your employees’ productivity, reduce absenteeism, attract and retain talented employees, and create a positive work environment. 

Our Team of Experts

Incontact has a simple mission: to empower people in need towards growth, development, and positive change. Spearheaded by two psychotherapists, what sets us apart is the diversity of our experience. Our practice is thoroughly multicultural and rooted in grassroots community care, due to our experience and engagement with the local community services and welfare organizations.

With reciprocity in mind, we have scaled our practice to work with individuals, couples, families in private settings and multinational companies. We believe implementing solid mental hygiene is imperative for individuals and the community at large.

Our team is trained in a vast array of skills, in multiple languages, providing a safe space to land for individuals and organizations alike. So far, we’ve helped clientele with social issues, workplace problems, mental health issues, LGBTQIA+ struggles, trauma, sexual assualt, and more. 

There’s no one size fits all approach to mental health. So, we bring our toolkit to the task––whether it’s an individual counseling session, or a mental health webinar––and tailor a solution that takes circumstances into consideration.

Aarti Mundae

Aarti Mundae

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Fiona Maher O’Sullivan

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CecIlia Yee

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Gayatri Singh

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Ana M. Jeremiah

Steven Yeo

Steven Yeo


“My wife and I approached our counsellor in late 2015 to help us improve communication and understanding in our 10 year marriage. She was with us from our first session and we both are very happy that after 7 months of therapy, my wife and I are happier and at peace with ourselves.”

I went to Incontact counseling cause of workplace stress. Each session I walked away more empowered having tackled my weaker spots and learning of tools within me I could use everyday to overcome challenges and stress triggers.

“The discordant chords of communication were restrung back with time. It made me realise that as parents we are not experts and cannot control my child thinking him to be my property.​”

I engaged with Cecilia through my company’s Employee Assistance Program. I was suffering within related to a close relationship at home. I am generally a calm person and self aware about a lot of my issues and troubles. However, a friend recommended I still give therapy a try.

I am so glad I did. It was one of my best decisions this year.
I was with Cecilia for about 4 months (~ 6-8 sessions) . I believe that one should have a good connect with one’s therapist and only then can the therapy help us. I am so grateful it was such a good relationship I could develop with Cecilia since she is a very good listener. Cecilia made me comfortable effortlessly. She would ask meaningful questions and provide meaningful insights after my talking. I really enjoyed learning about general psychology as well which Cecilia shared with me. It was quite insightful to know what goes on through our minds , how we perceive things and how our minds can really cause our suffering.

By the end of all the sessions, I could take little steps to solve the problem I started therapy for. I am so so grateful that I feel much at ease with my situation now. Thanks a lot Cecilia 💙

“Thank you for believing in my son. You were the anchor who made it happen. At a time when nothing worked, you came up to show the way. Through your counselling skills, he became insightful and saw self worth. He was able to identify his strength, utilise his potential, nurture his skills.. Thus growth came by naturally…making him a confident and responsible youth who dares to dream now… Words are not enough to express my gratitude… Touch more people…change more lives…”

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