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Incontact Counselling services in Singapore has a simple mission: to empower people in need towards growth, development, and positive change. Spearheaded by two psychotherapists, what sets Incontact apart is the diversity of our experience. Our practice is thoroughly multicultural and rooted in grassroots community care due to our experience and engagement with the local community services and welfare organisations. With reciprocity in mind, Incontact has scaled its practice to work with individuals, couples, and families in private settings as well as multinational companies. We believe implementing solid mental hygiene is imperative for individuals and the community at large. However, there is no rigid structure or one-size-fits-all approach to mental health. So, our psychotherapists tailor a solution that considers circumstances, whether you’re in an individual counselling session or a mental health webinar. The team is also trained in a vast array of skills in multiple languages, providing a safe space to land for individuals and organisations alike. To date, Incontact has helped clientele with social issues, workplace problems, mental health issues, LGBTQIA+ struggles, trauma, sexual assault and more.

Our Counsellors

At Incontact, our dedicated team of therapists is devoted to addressing the mental health requirements of our clients. With expertise in assisting individuals from various nationalities, diverse cultural backgrounds, and multinational corporations, our therapists also have hands-on experience at the grassroots level. To learn more about each therapist, click on their profiles below.

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