Adolescent Counselling

Adolescent Counselling

We help adolescents ease into the transition between childhood and adulthood through Adolescent Counselling by embracing the emotional, psychological, and physical changes that can sometimes get extremely overwhelming.

Adolescence is the period of growth and transition from childhood to adulthood. This period can be a confusing and challenging time for many. Adolescents start to realise that they are experiencing emotional, psychological and physical changes that can sometimes get extremely overwhelming.

During this period, adolescents often feel like their parents, teachers and elders simply do not understand what they’re going through. This can sometimes encourage them to avoid or keep a distance from their loved ones.

This makes it all the more important for them to have a strong support system and to be adequately equipped with skills that allow them to rise against all odds during this challenging period. Adolescent therapy would give them an opportunity to gain deeper self-awareness and develop healthy coping mechanisms when dealing with any of life’s adversities. 

Issues Adolescents Face

  • Depression 

In Singapore, depression is one of the most common mental health issues found in youths. In today’s competitive world, keeping up with exceptionally high expectations of academics and extracurricular activities can get overwhelming. There is a constant pressure to always be perfect and perform well in everything. As if things aren’t already difficult enough, the rise of social media has led to unrealistic body standards and aspirations. This leaves adolescents today much to stress about, encouraging them to engage in unhealthy solutions and coping mechanisms. 

  • Bullying

One in every five primary school students and one in every four secondary school students surveyed have been a victim of bullying. Regardless of its form, bullying can cause immense fear and anxiety among adolescents. Bullying causes one to lose confidence and self-esteem as well as feel helpless or powerless. Not only does it make the process of growing up extremely dreadful, but the trauma from being bullied can be carried up till adulthood. 

  • Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can be of two kinds: said and unsaid. Often, it is the latter that teenagers fall prey to. Since social acceptance and belonging are extremely crucial, teenagers end up doing things just to fit in – they make decisions based on what they think others would agree with. The effects can be reflected in school performance, relationships at home or with friends, how one spends their free time, and sometimes the path one ends up taking for their future.

How Adolescents’ Counselling works

Fear of being misunderstood and judged by others prevents teenagers from sharing their thoughts and feelings. While all of us want to feel heard and understood, many of us are also wary of what we share with others as we worry about being an outcast. Especially for teenagers who are still learning to navigate through life, being able to fit in and feeling accepted by the people around them is a great source of comfort amidst all the chaos and confusion. Thus, when teenagers encounter a challenge, many choose to keep to themselves especially if they sense the possibility of any form of rejection.

In adolescent counselling, a safe and non-judgmental space is created where teenagers are encouraged to talk about the issues they are facing. Expressing and verbalising thoughts and feelings would allow you to process and make better sense of the situation. Adolescent counselling gives teenagers the platform to turn hardship into opportunities for growth. 

Counselling for teenagers or adolescents at Incontact provides you with a safe and supportive platform to talk about all your worries and struggles and learn methods to cope with them healthily and effectively. 

We understand that adolescence is a confusing time in your life where you need to make sense of a lot of things. Suddenly having to juggle and take into consideration so many things simultaneously at such a young age can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. This can quickly take a toll on our mental health, especially when we turn to dangerous and unhealthy coping methods to make ourselves feel better.

At Incontact, our therapists are experienced in helping teenagers who face an array of different problems. Our therapists are equipped with the necessary techniques and approaches that can help you better regulate emotions, deal with stress and maintain healthy relationships with the people around you. By providing you with a safe and non-judgemental space to discuss your issues, adolescent counselling can empower you to rise against life’s adversities.

Here at Incontact, we welcome each and every individual with open arms and provide mental health services for all. 

Additional Services

  • Family Counselling

Family is a crucial source of support, security and guidance for teenagers especially when they are growing up and going through puberty. The challenges of adolescence can give rise to problems in the family that can affect various aspects of all family members’ lives, and disrupt the family’s mental health and functioning. At Incontact, our family psychotherapists work with families to help break communication barriers – the root cause of conflicts. We aim to proactively heal and strengthen the relationship between family members, improve communication and conflict management to create a better home environment for your family. 

  • E-Counselling 

Being unable to find the time to go for counselling amidst all the chaos in our lives prevents many from seeking help. Thankfully today, advancements in technology have made us able to conduct counselling sessions online, where one would not have to travel out of home to get the help that you deserve. Online counselling can take place anytime, anywhere – all you need is an electronic device and a stable internet connection. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Sometimes, teenagers might not feel comfortable with the idea of going for therapy. They may feel like their personal space is getting invaded. Sitting down with your child and communicating with each other about your worries may allow you and your child to understand each other better. During this time, your child needs your love and support more than ever, and they need the assurance that they are seen and heard. Sharing a strong and supportive relationship with your child will allow them to feel more confident in seeking professional help whenever they are ready.

Answer: Counselling will be able to teach your child different ways to cope with the problems that they are facing and strategies on how to prevent them from surfacing again. While counselling will not be able to ensure that every single one of your child’s problems are solved, it equips them with the necessary skills needed to deal with these problems. Counselling can also provide them with a safe and supportive space to freely talk about their struggles and process their thoughts and emotions healthily.

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