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Adolescence is the period of development and growth from childhood to adulthood. This period can be a confusing and challenging time for many. Adolescents start experiencing emotional, mental and physical changes that can get overwhelming at times. 

These changes can trigger them to keep their distance from their parents. Oftentimes, they believe their parents, teachers and elders would simply not understand what they’re going through.

Hence, it becomes essential for them to be adequately counselled during this time so that they do not feel overwhelmed or alone in navigating this period. Adolescent therapy would help them to gain awareness of themselves better and resolve any conflicts with a positive approach.

Issues faced by Singaporean teenagers :

Teen Depression 

In Singapore, depression is one of the most common mental health issues found in youths. In today’s stressful times, keeping up with everyone’s high expectations of academics and extracurricular activities can get overwhelming. There is a constant pressure to always be perfect and perform well in everything. The rise of social media has led to unrealistic body standards and aspirations. Since teenagers aren’t mentally and emotionally developed enough to withstand these pressures, they can fall prey to depression when perfection is not achieved. Depression in teenagers has been linked to high levels of anxiety, stress, and can be categorized by feelings of loneliness and helplessness. 

Bullying In Youth 

According to a survey conducted by the Singapore Children’s Society, one in every five primary school students surveyed had been a victim of bullying. Bullying takes place when a person assumes power over another and tries to dominate others through deliberate and hurtful words or action. Bullying may be verbal, physical, or psychological. This tends to leave a deep impact on the survivor, and they are often left feeling alone, anxious, helpless, and depressed. 

Peer Pressure And Teenagers 

Peer pressure can be of two kinds: said and unsaid. Often, it is the latter that teenagers fall prey to. Since social acceptance and belonging are extremely crucial, teenagers end up doing things just to fit-in. The effects can be reflected in school performance, relationships at home, how one spends their free time, and sometimes- the path one ends up taking for their future.

How can adolescent counselling help? 

Fear of being misunderstood and judged prevents teenagers from sharing their feelings. In adolescent counselling, a safe, non-judgmental space is created where teenagers are encouraged to talk about the issues they are facing. The youth counsellor helps them make sense of their feelings about various situations, and guides them to make empowered and true choices in these situations. Incontact offers youth mental health service that helps teens to have a deeper understanding of their emotions and manage their mental health.

Features of Incontact’s Youth Counselling at Singapore center

Incontact’s teenage counselling service in Singapore provides you with an honest and non judgmental space to talk about the problems you are facing.

We understand that teenagehood is a confusing time in your life where you are trying to make sense of a lot of things. But rest assured, our therapists at Incontact’s Singapore center would assist you in understanding these feelings. They have prior experience in working with adolescents and addressing the thoughts going through their minds. They are empathetic, non-judgmental listeners who are there to help you understand yourself better and suggest healthy coping strategies to overcome your problems. 

We specialize in traditional talk therapy and other expressive therapies that help adolescents comprehend and resolve their issues better. 

Therapists at Incontact have been extensively trained in working with teenagers and behavioral changes, which helps them understand adolescent feelings in a more comprehensive way. Our counsellors first listen and understand, then work with you to devise healthy habits and thought patterns. The aim is to build a space in which teenagers feel valued and safe to speak their minds. 

Additional Services to Adolescent Counselling at Incontact:

Family Counselling in Singapore

Teenagehood is a time likely to be full of aloofness and aggression. As teenagers discover a whole new world of friends at school, bonds at home might begin to weaken. Sometimes, distance amongst family members already exists so the new teenage phase can amplify existing problems.

Therapists at Incontact’s center are trained to assist in evaluating and resolving relationship conflicts between the adolescent and their immediate family. We are unbiased, empathetic listeners who recognize the need for effective communication among family members and help in establishing those communication lines even if they’ve never existed before.


We understand that it might not be possible for everyone to attend in-person sessions, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Hence, we offer e-counselling sessions. Since teenagers are comfortable connecting online and have a heavy school/ extra-curricular workload, we provide this option to ensure youth counselling is easily accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

My child doesn’t want to go for teenage therapy. What do I do?

Sometimes, teenagers might feel like their personal space is getting invaded. Thus, they may not be comfortable with the idea of going for therapy. In situations like these, you need to sit down with your child and make them understand your concerns. Assure them that you suggesting therapy does not mean that there’s something wrong with them. Rather, you want them to gain mental and emotional skills so they can become the best version of themselves.

Would teenage counselling end all the problems being faced by my child at school?

While we aim to resolve all the conflicts in your child’s life through youth counselling, there will be unforeseen problems in their life. But what is important is how they approach it. After attending teenage counselling, they will have a deeper understanding of themselves and what healthy choices look like for them. This will safeguard them when future problems do arise.

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