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Childhood is the time when we go through some of the most character-influencing changes. Like adults, children have their own challenges with mental health. Kids therapy and counselling is simply the specialized field of dealing with children facing challenges related but not limited to trauma, anxiety, abuse, learning disabilities, etc.  Counselling professionals are better trained to talk through the emotions and support the goals of a child. One of the important ways that these counsellors work with children is to communicate to them in a simple manner what they experience and how they are not alone.

Mental and Psychological issues children suffer from :

Children’s worldview varies significantly from that of adults, and the scale of their struggles can cause disproportionate distress. Children counselling services can assist in kids dealing with seemingly trivial issues to more serious psychological conditions. The following are the kinds of issues that children may experience and can be dealt with by child therapy:

  • Divorce: Separation of parents can leave deep psychological scars in a child’s psyche.
  • Death: Children may struggle with coming to terms with the death of a loved one. 
  • Trauma: Traumatic events like accidents, being exposed to violence, etc. may have a long-lasting impact on a child’s behavior.
  • Abuse: Children, unfortunately, may be exposed to sexual, emotional, or physical abuse.
  • Relocation: Moving places is a monumental change for children, and sometimes it may be hard to get in terms with.
  • Mental illness: For medical diagnosis of conditions like depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, children require focused counselling and therapy.

Issues due to which a child might need therapy:

There are many symptoms that a child might display which makes children counselling essential.

It is easy to mistake some of the behaviors which are calls for help as tantrums.

Children are generally expressive, but their expression is not always in accordance with the underlying cause. One may suspect an eating disorder for a pre-teen by a noticeable loss of weight or disinterest and aversion to food. Children diagnosed with autism may show behavioral symptoms such as hyperactivity, short attention span, self-harming tendencies, etc.

Self-esteem issues may reflect self-deprecation and low confidence.

In specific cases of kids, a stark change in academic performance and their social interactions is often an early warning sign for things that may be bothering a kid.

Consulting with a child behavior therapist might be a good idea if a child tends to be overly violent and prone to damaging property or disrespecting authority figures. Sometimes children also exhibit behavioural symptoms that are not so explicit and we as caregivers have to keep an eye for any change.

All kids operate a little differently. It is the parents’ duty to be vigilant and non-judgemental in their response to any symptoms that may warrant kids counselling.

Incontacts’s Children Counselling Services

Children experience changes at a faster rate than adults do. It is pivotal in a child’s long term health that issues that impact a kid’s mental health are treated with urgency and seriousness. Therapists at Incontact can help identify their needs and assist in strategizing plans to resolve the conflicts they are facing. Timely and effective interventions from child counsellors can be a crucial investment for a child’s growth. We believe that children’s counselling heavily relies on being able to establish a relationship with the counsellor. Thus, our therapists identify your child’s strengths and try to build a meaningful relationship with them, based on understanding and trust. We communicate empathetically with your child and employ creative methods to understand your child. 

Our counsellors can help the process by creating an environment where a child is more comfortable sharing what is truly bothering them. 

How does child therapy work?

Child counsellors help kids understand and make sense of what is going through their minds and their life’s. They can also assist in offering invaluable insights into your child’s mental health issues. They can identify the problems causing distress in your child’s life and help them resolve these with healthy coping strategies. Child therapy can go a great way in forming a positive outlook for the child now, which can get translated into better mental well-being in the adolescent stages.

Additional Services at Incontact:

In addition to providing child counselling services, Incontact also provides the following :

Adolescent Counselling

Adolescence is a confusing and difficult time for many. It can be overwhelming to deal with the rapid physical and mental changes all by yourself. Adolescent counselling can help young people understand their complex emotions and behaviors. Therapists at Incontact are trained in traditional talk therapy and other expressive therapies that help adolescents comprehend their issues and then work through them. 

Family Counselling 

When your child is going through mental health problems, it can also impact the rest of your family. Misunderstanding and miscommunication may arise. It becomes essential to sit together and talk about your feelings so that there is a greater understanding among the adult family members and the children. Family therapists at Incontact can assist your family in communicating effectively and working together proactively to resolve conflicts.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. Is the parent/caregiver part of the therapy sessions?

Children counsellors are better suited to make the call on the extent of the parents’ involvement in the counselling sessions. We highly suggest a systemic approach and prefer to work with the family and the schools.

Q. What if the child doesn’t like the counsellor?

It is important to make the child a part of the process, so it might be in the best interest of your child to find a therapist that the kid can reasonably get along. Therapists at Incontact are extensively trained in child counselling and child behavioral therapy and would be a great fit for your child. We build a relationship with your child in which they feel comfortable and where they can freely express themselves.


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