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Online counselling, as the name suggests, is providing mental health counselling or therapy services through the medium of the internet. 

In a hyper-connected world, e-counselling services are an increasingly accessible and convenient method of receiving mental health services. Although in-person sessions might still be a better experience, online counselling proves to be an essential substitute in cases where access to such services is problematic or a taboo. 

Such counselling is generally in the form of video calling, but there has been a surge in services that provide text-based counselling as well. 

Online therapy services also help people who may not be physically capable of attending individual treatments by providing effective, affordable sessions at home. It can take place anywhere. All you need is a steady internet connection to be a part of this. 

Issues that Online Counselling caters to :


Depression is a severe mental health disorder that has a deep impact on how you function in your daily life. Feeling helpless, a lack of desire to live life, and a constant feeling of loneliness are symptoms of depression. Social, biological, or psychological factors may cause it. A reliable support system and healthy coping mechanisms can help you to get through it. E-counselling services can be that support system that helps you to develop healthy ways of navigating depressive episodes.


Constant anxiety can make you feel worried and restless. Most people living with anxiety have difficulty managing their emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Online therapy for anxiety is an affordable and accessible alternative if you are unable to attend in-person sessions. 


Addictions can have a social, physical, and emotional impact on one’s life. People with addiction can become so dependent on a particular substance that it takes over their life. Addiction can be very difficult to deal with on your own. Online Counselling offers an affordable solution which can help you reduce your substance use. They can be available at any time. You can reach out to your counsellor whenever you are feeling restless. CBT and motivational interviewing are therapeutic approaches available on an online platform to deal with addiction. 

How can online counselling help?

E-counselling at Incontact offers an accessible solution to those who might not be able to attend in-person therapy sessions. This ensures that counselling is available to everyone. Online interactions can be more discreet and thus remove the stigma around the services and ease the fears of embarrassment. It also helps in overcoming social anxiety and other problems that might arise in new environments and cause discomfort. Plus, you can arrive as you are and as you want to the session. You can be in your comfy pajamas, sipping a warm cup of coffee made just right – anything that can all help you feel secure and grounded as we begin with a new chapter of online therapy.

Features of Incontact’s Online counselling 

Incontact e-counselling service is the product of technology being used to make the process of counselling more accessible and affordable. 

Perhaps the most critical benefit is that access to counselling services from your phone or laptop makes it easier to take action and book a session. The inconvenience of traveling to a therapist’s office in itself can be a deterrent to reaching out to a counsellor. 

E-counselling service at Incontact also makes it easier for you to find a counsellor that suits you. If, for whatever reason, you struggle to communicate with your assigned therapist, you can look up for someone who is better suited to you and someone you’re more comfortable with. 

The comfort of being in your home may, at times, make it easier to open up about your emotions and communicate more freely as well. Our therapists at Incontact are extensively trained in psychotherapy and CBT practices. They also have a solid understanding of technology and can use it to ensure a fluid communication flow. We ensure that client information remains private and secure on our platform. We are empathetic listeners who will assist you to achieve your goals by resolving your conflicts and enabling you to have a positive approach towards your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. Can I trust my E-counsellor ?

Counselling, even when delivered online, is held to the same standards as in-person counseling. Rest assured, therapists at Incontact will establish a relationship with you where you feel safe and are able to share and express. Your online counsellor will be a qualified professional who is well equipped to give you the care you need.

Q. Is online therapy right for me?

There are many situations where stepping out for therapy might not be a viable option. On the other hand, being at home, can bring up and aggravate a lot of emotional, familial, and mental conflicts. It is important to take care of your well-being then and book yourself in for online therapy sessions.

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