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It is common for both married and unmarried couples to encounter numerous issues in relationships. While some are able to resolve such issues themselves, others can often require help. Marriage counselling is typically helpful in increasing emotional and sexual intimacy between the partners, and resolving any conflict present. This results in a much more fruitful, healthier relationship that allows for positive growth of both the individuals. If you are considering opting for marital counselling services in Singapore, we’ve got your back with few of the best professionals well trained and experienced in offering help for married couples.

Remember that choosing to get help doesn’t mean that your relationship has fallen apart. It means quite the opposite, as you’re actually taking a step that’s going to completely change your marital life (or relationship) for the better. You’re making an effort to turn your current relationship into the best one possible and are headed on a wholesome journey together with your partner.

Common Issues in Singapore Marriages

The most common and yet important issues to be addressed in marriages that marriage counselling in Singapore can help you resolve are:

1. Infidelity:

It is one of the most common problems that can happen in a relationship. Cheating, having emotional affairs with others comes under this category. Long and short term extra-marital affairs even over the internet or offline, physical infidelity, one night stands can be the instances of infidelity that you’re facing which we can help you with. It can occur due to many reasons.

2. Emotional Dissatisfaction or lack of Love and Affection:

It is possible that the two of you feel as though there is something lacking in your relationship. There doesn’t seem to be that spark anymore that was so abundantly present initially. If you feel as though you aren’t loved enough or you don’t love your spouse, you can consider getting marriage therapy.

3. Communication Problems:

It could be a lack of communication or miscommunication that you are facing. It involves both verbal and nonverbal cues, so even if you have known your spouse for a really long time it’s possible that you might misinterpret their nonverbal cues i.e body language and facial expressions incorrectly. Healthy and good communication is the basic foundation for a happy marriage, and we can most definitely help you with communication. Therapists and counselors generally enable a healthy channel of communication.

4. Lack of Attention:

Every relationship at one point or another involves the issue of ‘lack of attention’. We as human beings seek attention from those around us, especially our near and dear ones. When we feel that is lacking, many problems can arise that may snowball into bigger issues. This changes the chemistry of a relationship.

5. Financial Issues:

Marriages can be broken very easily over money-related problems. Simply put, money plays a huge role in our lives. It is important to properly discuss financial problems with your spouse, no matter whether you’re handling your finances separately or jointly.

6. Sexual Differences:

Physical intimacy is one of the most common causes of many other problems in long term relationships. It can occur due to many reasons, making way for many other marital problems. It can also be due to the differences in sexual preferences. One may prefer something that may contrast with the preferences of the other, making physical intimacy difficult and uncomfortable.

7. Trying to Change your Partner:

Another issue that you may encounter in your relationship is problems with unconditionally accepting how your partner is and not trying to change them, but instead finding a middle ground between their and your needs. At times, people do overstep their boundaries in trying to change their spouse. If you’re experiencing difficulties like this then you must consider therapy.

8. Trust Issues:

Another problem that you may experience in your marriage is trust issues. It can pave way for many more problems that can crumble your marriage from the inside. When doubt seeps into a relationship, it can cause a lot of trouble for the both of you.

9. Jealousy, Stress, or Boredom:

If you have an overly jealous or possessive partner, it can be a very challenging situation to deal with them and share your space with them. Your partner may become overbearing when they’re being overly jealous as they may question everything you do and ask you about every person or acquaintance you know. Stress is also an issue that people are likely to face at least once or twice in a relationship. It can be caused due to many reasons, like the financial problems discussed above, or familial problems, or any physical or mental illnesses. Boredom, too, can put a lot of strain on your relationship as you or your spouse may begin to feel exhausted or tired of everything that your relationship revolves around because it becomes predictable after a period of time. If your relationship lacks spontaneity, you may encounter the issue of boredom.

Other problems that you may face in your relationship are:

  • Anger related problems
  • Divorce/Possibility of Separation
  • Conflict problems
  • Desire to Improve a relationship that you think lacks something
  • Escalation of Conflict without any Resolution

How Does Marital Therapy Work for Couples in Singapore

Marriage counseling or couples therapy helps identify all the issues in a marriage and resolves conflicts, as well as improves your relationship. Marriage counseling and therapy is a short-term process that usually involves both partners, however, people seek help on their own as well.
From marriage therapy, you’ll understand how to better communicate with your partner and resolve conflicts aptly and discuss your differences with rationality and practicality.

Incontact’s Marriage Counselling Services

Our counselors at Incontact are trained, experienced professionals who can help you overcome your negative communication patterns which are inevitable in a strained relationship. Adapting to your specific needs, we take up broad-ranging approaches to help you improve your relationship; this could mean us teaching you skills, giving you suggestions, providing emotional support, coaching you through navigating your relationship, etc. We provide a safe environment for you to communicate properly, listen, and understand each other.

Extensively trained in the Gottman Method, which is a proven and tested set of couples counseling techniques, we’ll help you work out any resentments and manage the conflicts, and eventually, bring back the initial respect and admiration that the two of you had for each other. We have specialized training and years of experience in handling all sorts of issues that couples face. At Incontact’s Singapore counseling center, we have walked many couples through this journey and the outcome they receive is that of a happy relationship where there is a strong sense of commitment, increasing appreciation, affection, and love for your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I consider marriage counselling?

Marriage counselling helps restore the emotional intimacy that was once present in the relationship through techniques that improve communication. Given a platform to openly converse with each other, you reduce the chance of the presence of any unspoken resentment which increases the likelihood of you two truly understanding each other. This helps resolve conflicts and finally brings you two together.

Q. When should we consider marriage counselling?

You should consider marriage counselling when you feel that your arguments are endless, there is some bottled up resentment between you, there is nothing common to talk about and there seems to be no meaning in the relationship anymore.

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