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Social norms have forced men to believe that expression of emotion is not an option and they must ‘man-up’ and learn how to suppress it. This has led them to believe that therapy is construed as a sign of weakness since it involves expression and getting help. This prevents them from going out and seeking men’s issues therapy to make themselves and their life better.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, nearly 9% of men have had daily feelings of anxiety or depression, but less than half of them took medication or sought therapy for them. In 2019, this led to a male suicide rate of more than 66%.

Therapy for men and counselling aim to overcome these problems and support men who are tackling mental health issues.

Mental and Psychological issues suffered by men

There are several issues that men suffer from. However, with targeted and holistic therapy for men, these can be resolved. Some of these issues are:


 A lack of desire to live life, feeling helpless and disturbed, losing yourself to addictive substances, and feeling an unbearable sense of loneliness are some of the symptoms of depression. 

Despite the heaviness of these issues, men are likely to not take depression seriously. Society has impressed upon them that feeling sad or weak is not ‘manly’ enough. Plus, men’s worth is excessively tied to how much of a breadwinner they can be. The two factors combined lead men to ignore their well-being which amounts to depression later on.


Overthinking, increased heart rate, and feeling overwhelmed are just some of the symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental illnesses found in Americans and affects about 18% of the population every single year. 

Again, anxiety is not seen as a manly emotion. The ‘real’ men, as per cultural narratives, are in control, confident, alpha males. Not all men fit this stereotype, however, which can make them even more anxious about how they might be perceived.

Substance Use Disorder

As per Addiction Center, 11.5% of men over the age of 12 have a substance use disorder as compared to 6.4% of females. Men are more likely to become addicts because of peer pressure or to be a part of a group. Approximately 20% of men have alcohol use disorder (AUD). In contrast, only 7-12% of women abuse alcohol enough to develop AUD.

If left unchecked, substance use disorder can destroy personal and professional lives.

All three are highly susceptible in both bachelors and married men.

How can counselling help?

Men have to deal with depression, substance abuse, work stressors and relationship problems, among others, and it can be overwhelming to deal with these by themselves. Therapy for men also becomes difficult since they do not actively seek help or counselling for their issues. 

 At times like these, counselling becomes even more important. Having someone to talk to, without the fear of being judged allows you to speak freely about your problems. The counsellor works through your problems and supports you in dealing with negative thoughts. They also support you in establishing new behaviors and neurological patterns that allow you to live a happy, healthier life. 

Incontact’s Men Counselling

At Incontact, our therapists work with a wide range of issues specific to men and provide a supportive and safe environment which encourages positive thinking, self-reflection and healthy coping mechanisms. 

We have also previously worked with men as part of EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) and through direct referrals. This has allowed us to work with a diverse group of men and deeply understand the issues that they face in their daily lives. 

With Incontact’s therapy for men, a person can overcome these problems and feel more at peace with themselves. They can become more confident and feel closer to the goals they have set for themselves.

Additional services to Men Counselling:

Couples Counselling

Therapists at Incontact are trained in Gottman therapy.  This method assesses relationships and gives methods to recognise and resolve the conflicts between a couple, resulting in a stronger bond and effective communication.

Family Therapy 

At Incontact, therapists also help families to cope with and resolve conflicts surrounding them by having in-depth conversations, strengthening their communications and building up their bond so that they understand each other better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I know that it’s time for me to go for counselling for men?

When you repeatedly feel overwhelmed by your emotions or feelings to the point where they are negatively impacting your day-to-day life, you may choose to go for male issues counselling.

How long do I need to go for counselling? 

There is no fixed time for any person. It is completely dependent on the individual, the goals he has set for himself, and what he is seeking from this counselling. Some issues can be resolved within a few months, whereas others are more deep-rooted issues that take longer to resolve. You can continue your counselling until you feel comfortable and feel that you have been able to resolve your problems. Time spent on self-care and ensuring your mental health is always time well spent.

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