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Historically, women have faced varied struggles across different eras. The modern woman has her fair share of struggles too in the fast-paced, highly-competitive environment that we live in.

More often than not, she is overworked and stressed. Following societal directives about career, clothes, family, marriage, interests, etc. accumulates stress in the body and mind. It leaves little room for women to tend to the unique needs of their wellbeing. A compromise, obligation, or responsibility is always around the corner.

As reported by WHO, psychological distress, depression, anxiety, and sexual violence are some of the issues which affect women to a greater extent than men across different countries. Major Depressive Disorder was found to be 1.5-3 times higher in women than men as per a Singapore Mental Health study.

Therapy for women and counselling services aim to address these issues and ensure that women feel supported in overcoming these problems. 

Mental and Psychological Issues suffered by women

Women have multiple roles in the society, and they need to juggle between professional and familial roles. At times, the pressure gets too much and may lead to mental health issues. Women counselling can help them deal with such problems and overcome them. 

Some of the issues they face are :


This disease can be characterized by an ongoing sense of loneliness, lack of energy, and continuous helplessness. Unfortunately, when compared to men, women are nearly twice as likely to get diagnosed with some form of depression. 

Certain types of depression like Postpartum Depression and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder are unique to women.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Messages about what a ‘beautiful’ body looks like are abundantly present around us. Internalization of these messages leads many women to hate how they look, thus creating an unhealthy relationship with their bodies. People suffering from this disorder think about their appearance for hours, and can get anxious if they do not get reassurances from others that they look fine. 


Women are twice as likely as men to get diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Constantly questioning themselves, persistent worrying about situations they cannot help, and a continuous sense of fear engulfs the lives of those suffering from anxiety. These symptoms might start interfering with their daily lives, leading to many problems. Some major types of anxiety disorders include panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

How can counselling help? 

Women counselling can provide a safe, non-judgemental space for women to freely speak their minds and talk about the issues they are facing. Therapy for women can aid in removing pessimistic thoughts and constructing a positive, problem-solving outlook towards life. The internal changes are then reflected in a happier life and an empowered personality on the outside.

Incontact’s Women Counselling 

Our therapists have previously worked on varied women-specific issues. They will help you overcome the problems you’re facing by transforming how you look at situations and developing healthy coping mechanisms. 

Shifting from a victim mindset to that of a victor will be a crucial transformation. This will happen in the safe space we provide where you feel liberated to let your true self unleash. You’ll be able to voice your innermost thoughts and feelings- an experience which can be a cathartic experience. We want to facilitate a personalized process where you can work on yourself to become a better you- a person who is able to self-accept and feel empowered.

How does therapy for women work? 

Counselling for women’s issues works by identifying the problems women face in their daily lives which cause mental harm and requires healing. In the women’s counselling and therapy sessions then, these problems are gently and systematically discussed to identify solutions. No topic is off-limits. Hence, women counselling services can help women to feel free and empowered to solve their problems and lead a happy, fulfilling life.

Additional services to Women Counselling by Incontact:

Family Counselling

Many women feel overworked, under-appreciated, and taken for granted in their families. Family counselling at Incontact aims to resolve these issues by strengthening their communication skills so that they can put forward their feelings in front of family members in a constructive manner.

Couples Counselling

It is not uncommon to find women who feel unloved and unheard in their romantic relationships. In a marriage, responsibilities can make it hard for the couple to prioritize each other, leading to gradual distance and growing misunderstanding.

At Incontact, our therapists assess relationships and help recognize and resolve conflicts between partners while helping them to prepare techniques for future challenges. This results in a stronger bond and deeper understanding. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is it an absolute must for me to go to therapy? 

While it isn’t an absolute must for you, it is always recommended since it would help you to understand yourself better and resolve persistent problems. If your everyday life starts to feel overwhelming at any point in time, it is advised that you seek women’s counselling and therapy service. 

What about confidentiality? 

No counsellor at Incontact will ever discuss your life or problems with anybody else. They value your privacy, and above all, have an ingrained sense of ethics. You can be rest assured that we will never breach patient-counsellor confidentiality.


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