Infertility Counselling and Infertility Talks

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With so many aspects of our lives to see to, it is not unusual to postpone parenthood without realising that the possibility of infertility may disrupt plans.

Infertility, a disease of the male & female reproductive system, affects 15% of the global population. Although male infertility contributes to more than half of all cases of global childlessness, infertility remains a woman’s social burden.

In this 2 hour webinar, our counsellor, Cecilia Yee, will walk with you from a professional as well as a personal standpoint, sharing her own journey through infertility. She understands the emotional trauma which accompanies this experience & she will help you cope with the emotional struggles which can often leave you feeling desolate.


Per Couple : $150

Per Individual : $100

*Need minimum three couples or individuals to run the event.