Lessons from a Globetrotting Childhood

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When I was five, my family embarked on a journey defining my childhood most unconventionally. Leaving our familiar homeland and extended family behind, my parents, sister, and I ventured to Prague, igniting a sequence of relocations that would span the next thirteen years. By the time I reached the age of eighteen, I had called five different countries home and had explored the cultural mosaic of countless others. While conventional wisdom often cautioned against such frequent uprooting, I wouldn’t trade my unique upbringing for anything. Here are three invaluable lessons I learned from my globetrotting childhood.

Home Is Where My Family Is

Fortune smiled upon me as I was raised by two loving parents who ensured I never felt lonely, no matter where we resided. Our sense of home transcended geographical boundaries; it was a feeling we carried with us, a warmth that enveloped us when we were together. We forged unique family rituals in each new location that strengthened our bond. During our time in New York, we would order takeout every Thursday night and huddle together on the couch to binge-watch our favourite series. To further cement our familial identity, we communicated solely in our native German tongue in each other’s presence. This unwavering connection to my family taught me that home isn’t a physical place; it’s a feeling of togetherness that knows no borders.

Be Yourself, & You Will Attract The Right People

Navigating the labyrinth of social dynamics as the “new kid” in school was rarely easy. It was particularly challenging when the stark differences between myself and my classmates were glaringly obvious. My after-school activities had transitioned from playing barefoot in the tropical Malaysian heat to sipping Starbucks with newfound friends while browsing through stores in the bustling heart of New York City. It took me a considerable two years to truly find my place, but I formed genuine and lasting friendships when I did. This experience instilled in me a deep belief that authenticity attracts the right people regardless of location. By remaining open to those around you and staying true to yourself, the bonds of genuine friendship will inevitably form when the time is ripe.

Keeping Connections Is Not Impossible

Frequent relocation, especially during formative years, can substantially challenge forming and maintaining friendships. However, the modern age has given us the invaluable gift of technology, making it easier than ever to stay connected across vast distances. When I moved away from my first-grade best friend, we clung to our friendship through planned visits and virtual chats as we grew older. Remarkably, our connection endures to this day. Naturally, not all friendships will withstand the test of time and distance. Yet, when both parties commit to nurturing these bonds, keeping the flame of friendship alive is possible.

Growing up, my family’s nomadic lifestyle led us through five countries, crafting a childhood filled with unique experiences. Leaving behind the familiar, we embraced constant change, a journey that challenged norms but profoundly shaped my perspective. Home, I learned, wasn’t confined to a physical place but was the warmth of family togetherness, transcending borders. Being the “new kid” taught me the power of authenticity in forging genuine friendships, no matter where life took me. Thanks to modern technology, staying connected with friends across distances has become a reality, emphasising the value of effort in maintaining relationships. Through my challenges, I have become more adaptable to new environments, more open to different cultures, and adept at finding a sense of belonging in unconventional ways. In this unusual journey, I discovered the enduring power of love, authenticity, and genuine companionship, lessons that continue to enrich my life, proving that these qualities are boundless and not restricted by geography.

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