I started seeing Reena for my daughter who was then 16 years old and undergoing social anxiety .
( She is 18 now) .

She had been seeing other counsellors before but with little avail as each relationship connects differently .

With Reena, we both felt comfortable talking, felt she understood the real issue , never felt judged and most importantly, she built real trust in my daughter that went a long way in her opening up .

Reena till date hasnt shared what my daughter has discussed with her ( unless it involves risk) and has managed to reduce her anxiety a lot by giving her emotional support as and when she needs it as well as taught her simple skills to cope with when she feels low or anxious .

We still go to her as and when required and I thank her from the bottom of my heart to be so empathetic always .

Thank u . 😊🙏🏻

( One more thing: she is almost always available on watsapp for emergencies or for a small query which personally for me is a very big factor as it may not always be possible to see someone at a particular time , specailly when u r travelling) .

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