“Due to Covid CB and lack of contacts with her peers, my 11 year old girl who is usually cheerful and cheeky, suddenly had a couple of anxiety attacks. I was helpless during the next two days when she experienced palpitation, breathless, cold sweat and loss of appetite especially during night time. And she started to worry over the smallest things. So I searched up for possible video therapy, and found Cecilia Yee from “In Contact Therapy”. After two sessions, my girl is back to her normal self. My deepest gratitudes to Cecilia for empowering my girl with techniques to handle her anxiety. I am glad we started early so she can walk out of her blue so soon.   Thank you, Cecilia!    CC”

“Thank you for taking time to journey with me.  I really appreciate it.  I feel so much better after our session.  ~ Gladys”

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