When I started seeing Aarti for therapy, I was in deep depression, and suffering from anxiety that gave me crippling insomnia. The sessions I had with her played a huge part in my recovery journey. Without her help, I could not have made the progress that I did. From the very first few sessions, we dove deep into my belief systems that arose from my upbringing. She helped me to identify beliefs that didn’t serve me and realise that I am strong, capable and worthy. I felt safe and connected to Aarti. She is realistic and honest, yet empathetic. The deep inner work that we did in our sessions allowed me to become aware of and remove subconscious blocks within my mind. I have been able to step more and more into my power as a result. Aarti also guided me in making behavioural changes that helped me to improve my quality of life. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs support and wants to live life as their best selves!

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