“The Miracle of Breath Event”

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Date :

19th and 26th November 2021

Time :

9am – 5pm (1.5hr lunch)

Venue :

Classroom (In person, however, may change to online)

Course Fees :


Presenter :

Santiago Brand

Sport & clinical psychologist who is trained and board certified in brain mapping, neurofeedback, biofeedback and Brainspotting. International trainer and consultant with 13years of experience working with Olympic athletes & peak performers from different walks of life.

Approximately 13 percent of over 1,000 respondents in a study in Singapore reported symptoms of anxiety or depression during Covid-19 pandemic, whilst 81.8 per cent of the 13 per cent said they would be willing to seek professional help for mental health issues relating to the virus*. A far cry from pre-Covid studies where the stigma of mental illness and the inability to recognise the symptoms allows for that percentage to drop significantly. With more awareness on the importance of mental health, the general public are now much more informed and are taking their mental health a lot more seriously than before.

As mental health professionals, it is important for us to keep up and be equipped with various methods and techniques to better help our clients with the issues that they face. “The Miracle of Breath” is one such training that will help mental health professionals to become a better therapists through understanding how breathing and heart rate variability biofeedback can help them to get better therapy outcomes.

What is this Course About?

The Miracle of Breath – Breathing and Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback (HRV) for Mental Health Professionals provides participants with the knowledge and understanding of how breathing and HRV can help them in getting better outcomes to their sessions for their clients.

Who is this Course for?

Mental Health Professionals, Social Workers, Frontliners or anyone who wants to benefit from learning how breathing can have a positive impact. It will also empower them to upgrade themselves and gain further knowledge on how breathing and HRV can help when included into their sessions with clients and also for themselves.

What to Expect from the Course?

  • Participants will learn to read their own physiology and how it impacts the interaction with their clients?
  • Participants will learn how to optimize their client’s self-regulation and brain functioning for better therapy outcomes?
  • Participants will be exposed to techniques to help their clients break cognitive and emotional patterns that keeps them stuck
  • Participants will learn to read ECG measurements and to understand how the readings can better inform them of the best course of action for the client

When and Where will the Course Be Held?

The course will be held over 2 days, 19th and 26th November 2021 from 9am to 5pm with a 1.5 hour lunch break via online.

How Much is the Course Fee?

The course fee is $550 per participant.

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