Menka Gupta




  • MSc Personalised Nutritional therapy (CNELM, Middlesex University, UK)
  • Functional Medicine Graduate (IFM, US)
  • MBBS, MRCOG Part 1 (UK)


  • Corporate Wellness Consultant Certification (US)
  • Neuro-linguistic Practitioner (NLP) Certification (UK)

Dr Menka has helped many in achieving optimal wellness and in issues related to Stress, Sleep, Anxiety, Depression, Digestive disorders, Hormonal issues, Low Energy, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Autoimmunity, Nutrigenomics, Eczema, Behavioural issues, ADHD, Autism etc. She has more than 18 years of experience in the health and medical field. She completed her Master’s degree in Personalised Nutrition in the UK and is a member of British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy. She has trained in Functional Medicine since 2012 from the esteemed Institute for Functional Medicine in the US, where her teachers are Dr. Mark Hyman and the Father of Functional Medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Bland. She is the only practitioner in Singapore who has finished all the modules in Functional Medicine from IFM.

Menka’s background is as a Medical Doctor. She has worked in leading hospitals in London, Singapore and India in the field of General Medicine, Gastroenterology and Gynaecology. As an NLP practitioner, Menka engages with her clients in a therapeutic partnership and coaches them towards optimum health and well-being. Menka’s unique combination of qualifications and knowledge makes her Functional medicine programs complete and successful.

Menka has been featured in an interview with Channel News Asia where she discusses Gluten sensitivity extensively.

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